Music for Flute

Duets for Flute & Guitar
with Separate Parts for Each Instrument.

  1. Music of Spain and South America for Flute & Guitar -

  2. Christmas Duets for Flute and Guitar - Book Only
  3. Celtic Music for Flute & Guitar
  4. World Music & Flute and Guitar
  5. Ancient Airs, Cantigas & Dances for Flute & Guitar
  6. Celtic Music for Flute & Piano -

Solos for Flute
with Chords Provided for an Accompany Instrument

  1. New Edition Flute Music for Medieval Faires - Book/CD

  2. New Edition Flute Music for Celtic Festivals - Book/CD
  3. Christmas Music for Flute
  4. Music of Spain & South America for Flute
  5. Celtic Music for Flute
  6. Celtic Music for Flute Vol II
  7. Medieval & Renaissance Music for Flute
  8. World Music for Flute
  9. Music for Native American Flute

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