World Music
for Flute and Guitar

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Twenty Two Great Duos

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About the book

When we look for music to add to our repertoire, we are always seeking the special tunes. The pieces that will grab audience's attention and the ones we want to play again and again. We like addictive pieces, pieces that make a musician say, "What was that; I want to play it."

Music is a universal language, crossing both continents and centuries. In this book, we can choose pieces that came from the last six centuries, and select them from any country in the world. The focus is on quality of the music. They are all part of our repertoire. This is music that we are excited about and that we love to play.

This collection started with Arirang. We were hired for a particular occasion, and needed a piece from Korea, so we went searching. We found Arirang and were stunned by its beauty. Our next thought was... "... hmm, I wonder what else is out there." We spoke with our publisher and said.. "We have found an incredible source of great music... the whole planet. What about a book of world music." They were very enthusiastic, so we continued our search which ended sixteen months later, and 22 tunes richer. From the beautiful Arirang to the exciting Greek piece Thalassaki Mou, I think you will find this to be a "must have" collection.

Allan and Jessica

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Other Editions

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Also available are Allan Alexander's first four books published by ADG Productions: "Celtic Music for Guitar," "Renaissance Music for Guitar," "Celtic Music for the Guitar Vol II," and "Christmas Music for Guitar." Each book is available with an optional CD. The music is presented in both music notation and guitar tablature. The CD's are also available separately from ADG Records. Price $22.95 for the Book with the CD.

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